Newport Free Library

We’re offering 3 ways to get the materials you want from your local library.

Use the Catalog

You select material from available items at your local library.

Call Us
315 845-8533

We’ll help you select material from our local collection.  Please have your library card ready.

Fill out our Web Form

We’ll select material based on your interests.


Current hours: Tues 10am-6pm, Thurs 10am-3pm, Fri 10am-12pm
Masks must be worn to enter. Hand sanitizer is outside the door. Please use before entering.
If you are not feeling well please do not enter the library.
Every book you look at but do not check out has to be quarantined for 96 hours. So please have some idea what you are looking for before you come, so others will have books to enjoy.
Please put books you are returning in the drop box outside the door. These are also quarantined for 96 hours.
All chairs have been removed or taped off.
Each visit is limited to 15 minutes.
No computer usage at this time. Our free wifi is available outside the building.
Curbside is still available.
The number of patrons allowed in the library at one time will be 2. Social distancing of 6 ft must be maintained. We will sanitize after each patron.
Thank you for your understanding. Call with questions: (315) 845-8533

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