1915: A group met to form a society to promote interest in a library.

February 1917: A meeting of the society occurred. Newport Library Association was the name that was decided upon.  A constitution and by-laws were outlined.

March 22,1922: A meeting was called to decide a site for the Newport Library.

October 1922 : Mr. George Bradford made a gift of a library building  to the Village of Newport. Mr. Bradford (of the Mayflower Bradfords) started his banking career in Newport.

1923: 2,308 books were moved to the beautiful brick building given by Mr. Bradford in memory of his parents. His father’s portrait hangs over the fireplace in the Nonfiction Room.

December 1940: An absolute charter was applied for

…and granted in 1941.

Fall 1959: Some of the trustees attended planning sessions to establish the cooperative library in Herkimer, Madison and Oneida counties, Newport Free Library was one of the first to join.

The Mid York Library System became operational in 1960.

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